Life Lesson by a Panda

Just stop what you are doing, go an look at this… check her out. Is she not the poster person for happy person living in the moment.

If I could do just a 50% of this… WOW

Birthday Party No 2

So today we had Mr M’s birthday party. The sun was shining and the new WII game Skylander Trap Team was a big hit. All three were very enthusiastic about the game. When grandparents arrived and he got to open the rest of his presents, there were lots more Skylander characters. BBQ was cooked and we all had lots of food while enjoying the weather.

The cake was a work of art and Mr M enjoyed it, not just to look at but the 2 huge helpings he had of it.

Minione Cake


The day was a big success so now it is time to head off to get some sleep.

Try Something New For 30 Days

So I was watching some clips on TED and found a cool one about trying something new for 30 days…
I liked it and wondered what I could do in this super hectic time in my life that that would be a bit of fun while trying the 30 day challenge.

Well I decided to try to write something on my blog every day. It does not need to be war and peace, but should be a bit longer than a Tweet. So here is me doing my 1st day.

And here is the TED video that has inspired me to give this a try…

And if you have never spent any time watching TED then I would recommend it, it is much better than you tube and I regularly learn something new…

Day 2 Of New ME

I have now finished reading my 1st report from my new guru. It was very enlightening and unlike any “business success” kind of report I have read. It was all about ME. How cool… except it showed me all the things I have been doing wrong (so a bit depressing). The flip side it showed me some very cool strategies on how to change all this, and upon reflection I think deep down I knew about these issues of mine. It took this report about the hidden obstacles to success to help me face them and shine a light on them.

So now I have gone through this and as such I am using this blog as part of my journal, but I think I need to find a private journal as well. Some of the ideas were just too close to home for me to possibly want to share them to strangers, or ever to friends, so need to find a cool way to hide some of my thought.

Anyway I feel I have learnt a lot, and I am now starting on the next piece of the puzzle which is all about re-designing my business with a new business blue print, so that will be my job for this weekend.

All I can say to anyone who would like some real training and not some new marketing strategy or whatever, then I do not think you can go far wrong if you join Rich Schefren and his team.

9 Months since my last confession

Well it has been 9 months since my last update. During this time I have become a father for the 3rd time in my life and my daughter is now 3 months old.

A few things have come together for me and has caused me to re-evaluate some key areas in my life.
1. My job seems very unstable at the moment, so I do not think it will be long for this world.
2. I spend a Monday with my youngest son and we played in the forest and things and it felt great spending time my my kids, and I realised that this is one of the greatest joys we as parents can have. I want to do more of it, and not just on the weekend,
3. My son asked me all enthusiastically if I would play race cars with him at 7:30 in the morning and I had to say NO, I have to go to work now!. It was painful and I do not want to experience this again.

So the plan that I had over a year ago to work for myself from home to free up time to be with my wonderful family has now become to of my agenda again. Why it ever dropped off the top spot I will never understand, but non the less it has.

With the help of my wife we have devised a strategy for me to free up some time (about 15 hours a week) to devote to business development and aim to be able to quit my JOB by my next birthday in July, some 7 months from now. So that is where I am now and it will be an exiting journey I am sure.

My first goal is to make sure I keep focused and so I will make it a habit of writing in this journal every day from now on, to make sure I keep remembering what this is all about. It has to be fun, as the journey is more important than the goal. I think that has something to do with why I have not followed through on all the little things I should have been doing every day to achieve my goals, but that HAS changed now.

This also marks the day I started to go through the business and life training from Rich Schefren.

Excel Training Class

I have now decided to test a new product niche that I know a lot about. I have checked and there are lots of products that target training of the different Microsoft Office software out there to help people use them effectively. My first product I am creating will be an Excel Training master Class. So to that end I have created a website where I am asking people what their top questions are with Excel, and I have created an Ask campaign to collect peoples questions. I have put it up on Excel Training Master Class page which will change when the product is complete and ready for sales.

So now that I have set up all the technical stuff I now need to drive some traffic to this page and see if I can get people to give me their questions to help flesh out the product and give them what they want.

While I wait for the responses to come in I will have to do some research on how to deliver the final product in a format that is easy for people to access when they have bought the product. I can see there is a lot to learn here, and a lot of technical stuff to get it all working, and that in it self can give rise to more learning products, but 1 product at a time.

It is exiting to think I will be able to help people learn new technologies and hopefully my skill as at teaching will shine through the products.

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” ~Chinese Proverb

Life Sucks

Well if we use the tag line of this blog, If a life is worth living it is worth recording, then we can see that not much recording has been done lately. So does that mean my life sucks?

It most certainly does NOT! Life is great! It is not Awesome just yet, but it is great. I still have a job that pays the bills and even if it is not inspiring, it is not a bad one either. So that is 2 great things about my life, but it is not the best things about my life at the moment. The best things in my life is my family. Both boys are doing well, they are growing as small people, learning stuff everyday, and both are healthy.

My wife is fantastic! She molds and controls the little ones everyday and she is doing a great job. The icing on the cake is the upcoming event where we will be adding another member to our little family band, hopefully sometime in August. How cool is that!

So my life is Great, and I am only mildly annoyed with myself for not keeping up with the documenting of my life. So I will now start to document it better, and I want to be in the grove of doing it often so when the new member of our clan arrives I can document that as well. It is like a different way of taking snapshots of your life and loved ones without the use of a camera.

Additionally I am on track to get my 25 push up goal reached by doing the 100 push up challenge. It is a bit of a slow and steep climb, but in the last month I have doubled my strength, so I can see results.

Now I just need to get the financial part of my strategy working so I can make a more secure financial situation for my little band of happy travelers as I do not currently feel my job is a very secure one.

“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away ”

Time waits for no Man

A whole month has passed since my last entry here on this blog, not too inspiring. Now both boys have had chickenpox and all are healthy again. I have been looking at ways to generate free traffic and have stared on a new link building strategy for the parent blog so we will see what it comes back with.

I have also been looking at creating my own product, possibly an IT training product. It was after my day with the Gurus in Cambridge that I was inspired to do my own product within the field I am very good at, the IT market. I spook to some of the people who were there and they were all frustrated by not having the IT skills to get through the maze of the IT Jungle, so it got me thinking, there may be some areas I can exploit here.

I added a count down timer on this blog, initially it was to be a Death Clock, count down to my death day, but it did not like to go so far in the future (that was nice) so I made it into the countdown for me to hand in my notice and start to work from home. I have given myself a full year to realise my ambition, so now every day I just see the seconds tick away and I hope this will add to my motivation level.

“Constant dripping hollows out a stone.”


The last few weeks have not been very productive from the work point of view. 1 week I got a bit distracted with a new shiny bead. A new way to advertise promising riches. I have gone through the course and it looks very good, but it does need me to spend money to generate traffic and as I do not have money to spend on this at the moment I have decided to put it on the back burner and major in free traffic generation. The google traffic pump system is so far the best system I have come across.

The next week I decided to stay at home in the morning as my youngest had chickenpox. A bit of a gruesome sight to see him come out in all these spots. He looked like an extra in a medieval horror film. He is now on the mend and he looks like he has weathered the storm very well. So now we have a new week, and only 3 days until my training day with some gurus so I am looking forward to that.

I think I have decided that the make money blog is a very tuff nut to crack to get SEO to work as there are so many very good marketeers fighting on the same key words, so I will just use it to write reviews on my products I test and let it fend for itself. The practical Parents blog is doing a lot better in a keyword, although not too much search traffic to this keyword, but I suspect if I do the marketing on this site it has the best chance to be successful.

As the blog is not greared to making money right a way I will have to find a good product to promote that will be a selling drive so that traffic I drive to the offer will hopefully convert into sales.  So this week I will be concentrating on finding a niche that has a product I can promote that has some good keywords that are sales related and that I can compete with.

“In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”
Tony Robbins

Still not working

Well I have spent the last few days doing the ebook to give away to get subscribers to my email lists. After much hard work by Stevie I think we are nearly done, just need to do some screen shots and it will be good to go. Also I spent some time watching some training videos and that is also important.

This has meant that i have missed doing any post for 2 days, so that is not so good, but I have done a post today reviewing Google traffic Pump system. I was checking on google and still my review site does not get found in the first 20 pages in either make Money or Make Money Reviews keywords. The only way to get google to find my site at the moment is to put the full url in there, so that is not so good. I have submitted my site again and added it to the Google Webmaster Tools, so let us see if this spurs them into crawling my site again and see what happens in the net week or so.

Tomorrow I have a day off work, so a long weekend ahead of me, but I will still get up tomorrow morning at my normal insane time and do a post and some more work on the blogs. Hopefully I can get the auto-responder set up on both blogs so people can sign up for the monthly newsletter I am planing to do. Additionally I am committed to put google traffic pump into action on the review site and see what results I can get over the next 30 days. Must learn how to drive traffic to my sites.

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through persistence.”